Summer 2021 Performance Workshop Productions

Dear Parent/Guardian:

With a light at the end of the tunnel, The Plaza Organization is delighted to once again offer performance workshops for students in grades 3-12 which will culminate in fully-staged live productions! Each grade band program will be limited to 24 participants.

Below is the info for Plaza Theatrical’s Performing Arts Academy Summer 2021 offerings. Our programs will continue to run in accordance with New York State and CDC Covid-19 guidelines and recommendations.

Thank you for your supporting the 39-year history of The Plaza Organization, as well as, for supporting your child’s passion and creativity!

Emma C. Harrington
Executive Director
Plaza Theatrical’s Performing Arts Academy


Willy Wonka Kids

Grades 3-5


Descendants The Musical

Descendants The Musical

Grades 6-8


Show To be Announced

To Be Announced

Grades 9-12


What to Expect at Plaza Theatrical Productions Performing Arts Academy

Summer 2021

All auditions, callbacks, and rehearsals (until tech/dress rehearsals) will be held at Plaza Thetarical’s Rehearsal Studio, 34 Forest Ave, Lynbrook, NY, 11518. 

  • Drop-off and pick-up will occur outside the Plaza entrance door. A staff member will be in the lobby 5 minutes prior to rehearsal to greet your child. 
  • All students will be required to wear a mask when entering and exiting the studio.
  • Upon arrival, a temperature check will be taken and students will sanitize their hands.
  • All adults who enter the studio must be admitted by a staff member and are required to wear a mask.
  • If desired, students may bring their own marked water bottles. No food, candy, or gum is permitted.
  • No sharing of beverages.
  • Students may remove masks during rehearsal, assuming the activity is maintaining adequate social distancing. Our rehearsal spaces have been cleared and distance markers are on the floor. 
  • Students will be required to wear a mask if the activity they are doing cannot remain socially distant. 
  • While the bathroom is available, we encourage students to use restroom facilities prior to arriving at Plaza.
  • Our studio is cleaned and disinfected frequently. 



What is the audition process? How should my child prepare?

  • Every child who is able to commit to the rehearsal and performance schedule will be cast in the show.  We do NOT cut any child from the production. For the “audition” and “callback” process, we strive to make every child feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Audition Process

  • The first “audition” is private. Your child will sing for the director, stage manager, and musical director.  They can sing a song from a show they have already appeared in, they can sing a song they have learned in school, or they can sing a section of a song they choose provided they bring the sheet music for the musical director to play from (usually about 32 measures).  Song suggestions include the following age-appropriate pieces: Do-Re-Me (The Sound of Music), My Favorite Things (The Sound of Music), I Won’t Grow Up (Peter Pan), Tomorrow (Annie), etc. 

Callback Process

  • Every child will be invited to “callbacks”.  At the callbacks, which are held in small groups, students will be taught some musical excerpts from the show and will be asked to read some lines from the show.  The entire callback process is supportive and encouraging. It is NOT competitive.


  • Although a child does not need to prepare for the audition and callback process, they may want to practice their audition song.  In addition, they can familiarize themselves with the music and dialogue by watching the movie version of the show.


What is the participation fee?

Returning Students: 

$450.00 (includes script, DVD digital download of the performance and costumes)

New Students:  

$495.00 (includes script, DVD digital download of the performance and costumes)

Sibling Discount: 

A 10% discount will be applied to the second sibling’s participation fee. 

Full Payment is due at the first rehearsal. 


My child is leaving 5th grade and entering 6th grade. Which show should they be auditioning for? 

Students have a choice of whether to participate in the 3-5th grade show OR the 6-8th grade show. The same applies for students leaving 8th grade and entering 9th grade. Students who just graduated high school are welcome to remain in our 9-12th program for one final show. 


My child is fully vaccinated. Will they be required to wear a mask?

Yes. The only exception is if students can be distanced more than 6 feet apart. 


Will this be a live performance or pre-recorded?

This will be a live performance! While we do not have details about ticket limits/capacity, we can assure you that we will be following NYS guidance very closely to ensure the safest audience experience. 

Performances will also be professionally recorded, and a digital download of the show is already included in the participation fee. 


Where will the final performances take place?

The final shows will be held in St. Raymond’s School Auditorium, 263 Atlantic Avenue, East Rockaway. This is an indoor venue.


Will students be wearing masks during the show?

At this time, some type of face shield or mask will be utilized. If there are moments when there are limited performers onstage, and social distancing mandates can be maintained, performers may be able to remove masks/face shields. 


What if there is another NYS mandated closure?

In the unfortunate event that there is another mandated closure, all remaining rehearsals will be held over ZOOM and we will work to put together a virtual production. No refunds or credits will be issued.